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Han Xue and stars the Olympic closing ceremony for "yellow girl" Han Xue popular night, Han Xue instantly become the focus of several major forum in China. Yesterday, Han Xue told reporters, she revealed that the closing ceremony of the story. She said, after the show, she and fellow brothers Lee Hom for a long time like a child excited. see Beckham especially excited the closing ceremony of the first chorus "Beijing, Beijing, I love Beijing", "yellow girl" Han Xue the most eye-catching, show the beauty of the image of modern Chinese youth and young singer in front of the world. Said Han Xue, director of the closing ceremony of the first group and her record company SONY, recommend two youth singer, recommended her and Lee Hom, "at the beginning of August to inform me, I was filming in Hengdian, was very excited, for me, this should be a lifetime only one chance." And because the program signed a strict confidentiality agreement, Han Xue got to sing the song, there is MP3, with me, every time you have to listen to, in a sneaky way, dare not tell the crew too much. site of the closing ceremony of Han Xue said yesterday that it is still very excited, "at that time, the people of the state are extremely excited, we went to the 12 actors Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, the bird's nest, Karen Mok Joey Yung, our car on the bus, we have to go outing together like. After the departure of Beckham's car, and we pass, car girl saw Beckham, very excited, like Starchaser, cried out." the effect of the performance Xinlimeidi Han Xue for his singing effect how the mind, not the end, "sing the whole mind what is not, is particularly exciting, the audience on a red light, everyone wants to have a particularly strong performance." Han Xue said, before she thought of all the circumstances, if the heel into the floor is too high, how to do, to simply put the shoes off, "I and Leehom is brother and sister, we're under the table to discuss some interactive things, I will remember to step down after a long time, we are like children holidays in particular, happy." singing, some did not discuss the local interaction, RAIN inadvertently inserted into the middle of Han Xue and Lee Hom, become a lot of people curious pl Retro jordans for sale ace. Han Xue said, everyone was very excited, she did not realize, because the director let everybody have to improvise some things, but it is such a small episode, in order to show a relaxed and cheerful like PARTY. ();The popularity of military style and pointed out the direction for the Nike Air Force 1 evolution, and concern SF-AF1 Mid once again released a new design. This new Mushroom design stage to the yellow sand as the shoe body color, with metal buckle embellished, and ankle NIKE AIR logo is very elegant, finally equipped with white and classic bottom show. item: 917753-200 nike-sf-af1-mid-mushroom-release-date-3.jpg (520.26 KB, download number: 2) download Nike SF-AF1 Mid Mushroom on the foot of 2017-6-14 08:27 upload nike-sf-af1-mid-mushroom-release-date.jpg (376.53 KB, download number: 2) download Nike SF-AF1 Mid Mushroom on the foot of 2017-6-14 08:27 upload nike-sf-af1-mid-mushroom-release-date-5.jpg (495.2 KB, download number: 2) download Nike SF-AF1 Mid Mushroom on the foot of 2017-6-14 08:27 upload nike-sf-af1-mid-mushroom-release-date-2.jpg (525.98 KB, download number: 2) download Nike SF-AF1 Mid Mushroom on the foot of 2017-6-14 08:27 upload nike-sf-af1-mid-mushroom-release-date-1.jpg (513.71 KB, download number: 2) download Nike SF-AF1 Mid Mushroom on the foot of 2017-6-14 08:26 Nike SF-AF1 Mid upload, Mushroom, 00led by the new creative director Michele Alessandro's first Cruise Gucci 2016 spring and summer series, recently announced the first set of this model with Lookbook. New series in the design to subvert the people for Gucci old-fashioned stereotypes impression, but bold use wool, velvet, leather and all kinds of materials, mix of interesting animals and flowers printing and embroidery elements. For the next spring and summer season add vigor and vitality, filled with flavor of literature and art, a shares and create a hint of nostalgic feeling, let a person very pleasantly surprised. In addition to a set of clothing items, bags and shoes and other accessories design has become one of the highlights of the new series. Subversive design style may not be favored by all fashion lovers, but the arrival of Michele Alessandro does give the brand a more creative gene. source: HYPEBEASTB new jordans shoes for sale lack earlier issued gray navy blue color Tubular X Primeknit shoes had already been Sneakerhead who believe passionately, and in this double time with Yeezy Boost and Y-3 Qasa High shadow of new works of momentum is fierce, adidas Originals also issued a catalog on the model series foot interpretation. The Fan shoot at movement style as the main theme, equipped with all season outdoor clothing assistance, together with the different colors of Tubular X shoes, a perfect blend of fashion and fashion movement style, it is worth the reward. It is reported that the official website of the brand shoes has rack sale, priced at $ 160, a friend might like to go for more information.Crazy Light Boost adidas 2015 "Lin" PE earlier we have been exposed, this time by the Nicekick to bring the PE HD physical map. The blue water of the shoe body, lined with purple, white decorative details, crystal at the end of blessing, let the full of refreshing feeling. As the main Jeremy Lin boots, don't know this PE whether there is a commercially available may. source: nicekicks"shoes don't define your identity, but they can definitely expose your personal qualities. Olga Berluti master shoe brand Berluti launches new shoes series, and pays tribute to classic Andy Le Fu shoes. As early as in 1962, the American artist Andy and Olga Berluti to create creative sparks, hand in hand to create the classic of Andy Le Fu shoes. The upcoming series is the re interpretation of the Andy classic paragraph. Variations variation series The series is made up of 6 Venezia leather shoes. Olga 9 tris - master classic shoes, clearly showing the asymmetry of beauty and taste. Each transverse band and upper edge part are carefully scraping, carving or edge sewing together; they stretch very tough and partly hidden and partly visible. Blake sole structure ensures comfortable and comfortable shoes. Mix and match Variations variation series is the best choice for wit and humor. The Variations variation series is specially customized, and can also be made using Dé, mesure or Capri shoe last. Andy Masque mask series Andy series Masque mask, cloak mask with decorative upper transverse stretching from the sole, very comfortably wrapped foot. The design of this unique style jordan shoes online sale and beautiful design. This product shoe made of Olga 9 shoe last has 2 tones to choose from and has been listed on the market now. Andy short boots series Andy loves le fu shoes, and likes to travel between city and studio with comfortable and weird short boots. Now, Olga Berluti grandly launched its first Andy short boots. (global shoe network Arlene editor) [ECCO] shoes net 2014 spring and summer series with three major trends theme style? "The classic rhythm", "show" and "dazzling", the ultimate interpretation of the Nordic toe fashion, leading comfortable journey. And the most representative of the ECCO 2014 spring and summer "Dress Comfort comfortable shoes" theme series launched, more can be said to subvert the shoe experience, bring new changes. this season, ECCO will be comfortable and unfettered sense of freedom as a series of shoes design concept, designed to bring a new dress experience, from leisure but elegant elegant shoes to enhance walking happiness. Thanks to the "direct injection ECCO, integrated technology, ECCO once again lead the dress casual shoes, dress comfortable for series of icing on the cake, let more people to experience their hope that the shoe has both comfort, style and lasting durability. ECCO as the spring and summer of 2014 main series, "Dress Comfort comfortable shoes" theme series of inspiration is not space limitations, no time limit to the perfect comfort with "the shoe for the pursuit of quality and elegant women". Whether business occasions, leisure out, girlfriends party, family life, can be in the "Dress Comfort" comfortable shoes theme series to find themselves, to regain unfettered sense of freedom. Like the other products of the season, the series is made of high quality cowhide materials, comfortable and soft, with bright color contrast and striking appearance, exquisite design, and perfect overall shape. It also introduces popular line design and round head style. Attract attention, let more feet linger, style and comfortable fit two for one. The main color ECCO 2014 spring and summer series including classic black, navy blue, deep red, fawn, and brown, yellow, coral and candy color etc.. popular trend -- classic rhythm , like the classic Concerto in the electronic mixing, " Cheap foamposites for sale classic rhythm" shoes is the classic elegance and modern bold style of passion collision. The series have elegant appearance, designed based on the classic black as, and navy blue, deep red, beige and Tan products. Inspired by the 1950s and 1960s fashion, and carefully cut elegant appearance -- for women, one can enjoy this style highlight the feminine, arouse women's inner romantic feelings, like the ECCO TOUCH 50 series 50 touch of elegance, or ECCO baby 75 Series platform shoes draw by rigorous design and developed the color of the classic shape; for men, the classic rhythm series used formal mens shoes shape curve, crafted, highlighting the male personality as the one and only ECCO CAIRO Cairo ECCO EDINBURGH series, Edinburgh series and Dana Series in the elegant gentleman. 〉Music as sports NBA Hong Kong and Macao copyright open NBA broadcast new media era 2016-09-14 17:19:15 in September 14th, as music sports announced in Hongkong, became the official media partner of NBA Hongkong and Macao region, access to 2016/17 season - 2020/21 season NBA broadcasting rights in Hong Kong and Macao areas. The cooperation between music and sports and NBA is the most important cooperation between NBA and Hong Kong and Macao in history. Therefore, music sports will bring NBA Hong Kong and Macao broadcasting into the Internet era. In the new season, both sides will jointly provide more NBA content for fans in Hong Kong and macao. music as sports chief operating officer, Mr. hang (Beijing) vice president LETV Holdings Limited and Asia Pacific CEO Mr. Mo cuitian, LETV sports Hongkong CEO Mr. Lai Ruzheng LETV, Hongkong sports chief operating officer Mr. Zhan Ting NBA, chief operating officer Chinese money Mr. Jun and NBA global media content distribution Department President Matthew Mr. Brabants, together with NBA, has won the championship 10 times in the all star game Legend Mr. Clyde Dyksler attended the press conference. After the press conference, Drexler met with the Hongkong fans and participated in the Hongkong youth basketball camp. NBA of Hongkong and Macao as the official media partner, the next 5 seasons as sports will provide fans with more live events, every year to play more than 400 games, including the preseason, regular season, playoffs and the all star game, the finals, finals and NBA draft. In addition, users can enjoy more NBA original programs, including Inside Stuff, Inside the NBA, NBA classic events, etc., NBA ad hoc 24 hour all-weather channel NBA TV will be broadcast on the whole platform of music sports Hongkong. music as sports chief operating officer at the airlines said: "NBA is the world's highest level of commercialization is the most successful occupation League, with 1 billion fans in the world, the birth of many great basketball player, music as sports are very happy to be NBA in the official media partner of Hongkong and Macao. As the world's leading sports Internet Co, Hongkong is an important strategic layout of sports globalization LETV, music as sports will provide users with the best viewing experience, to provide comprehensive information for users, the one and only. At the same time, as music sports will also work closely with NBA, jointly promote the development of basketball in Hong Kong and Macao, to cultivate more basketball population." NBA China CEO Shu Dewei (David Shoemaker) said: "we have a lot of familiar and love NBA fans in Hongkong and Macao region, hoping to provide unprecedented rich live events and content for fans through cooperation with music and sports." "NBA is the most popular one in the world," says Lai Ruzheng, CEO of music sports in Hongkong& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;! [Chinese shoes Network - News] street fashion brand leading brand adidas Originals heavy launch in 2015 streets of the legendary shoes Superstar, and the shoes fans to create continuous surprises throughout the year there are a pair of simple type sets forward to the iconic three lines of shoes can go out, but how many people traveled around to accompany ah! Adidas Originals Superstar Release top classic series Vintage Deluxe Pack, providing love wearing white shoes influx of people new choices. Vintage Deluxe Pack series is equipped with the advanced leather boots with a classic - retro light beige laces, rubber shell head, shoes side holes, jagged three lines, and the most impressive sign stamping golden tongue, and first introduced red, blue, green and black flag of, so like in the feet, "play" fashion people, every day can be arbitrary in accordance with different piercing white sneakers most IN fashion. The classic contour immediately interested in street fashion will be able to bring back the good elements of the golden age of 80, a reproduction of original street fashion, Jan. 10 global availability. The earliest is a pair of shoes popular basketball court, and the evolution to today's street fashion draw an equal sign, Superstar will undoubtedly become the world's most famous fashion classic shoes. In the 1970s, the most important ones rushing basketball league after came the golden age of the 1980s, a unique type of shoes from the Run-DMC led the godfather of hip-hop, so lay Superstar become the first line of street fashion and the standard hip-hop culture. After a glorious 45 years, Superstar has become a timeless classic. The return of the first wave of launch with the advanced leather boots with authentic classic features - retro light beige laces, rubber shell head, shoes side holes, jagged three lines, and the most impressive gold logo stamping tongue, global limited edition red, blue, green and iconic black. Recalling the global unique aspect legendary basketball courts and street shoes Superstar's timeless style, soon occupied the streets again. Early in 1969, adidas Originals Superstar debuted shoes, "Superstar" the meaning of words is very clear, but was removed after the intake will be attached Chuanzao 40 years, we had a rather vague definition Superstar. So when someone asks you: "Superstar What is for you?" How would you answer not think it does not matter ??! to hear what the following collaboration with adidas Originals had big stars for the "Superstar" is defined it! professional basketball star Damian Lillard then chimed in: ". Superstar do not need to put your name printed on the shirt or banner" artists and creative fashion house Philippines Dong Pharrell Williams Pharrell Williams said: ". Superstar do not need to care about how much CTR, point Like & Share" Benitez David Beckham believes: "Superstar do not need to care about can become the next focus." always has its own style of dress more pride Rita Ora Rita Euler said bluntly: ". Superstar is not required to follow the footsteps of others" These Superstar, they care about is to do one thing enthusiasm, dedication and motivation of the beginning, accompanied by their hard efforts fame just after the sweet fruit. After reading these celebrities say, Superstar in your heart what is (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Luoman Qi Shoes & nbsp; Orem Fort men.)Eric Kot as the history of the development of the trend of Hongkong culture pioneer, over the years has been around the size and brand cooperation constantly, in 1999 in Hongkong opened the first A BATHING APE overseas shop, is the best example. Recently, the Internet has flowed out of a pair of Eric Kot brand AAAA in collaboration with New Balance H574 preview picture, bright orange color as one of the queen Eric Kot, not surprisingly, has become the H574 theme colors, AAAA brand logo is low-key appear only in the insoles, believe H574 hightops body and suede material in the cold winter will look very warm. This is a joint H574. It should be on sale soon. Interested friends, please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports! 2012-11-28 08:33 upload and download attachments (111.05 KB) 2012-11-28 08:33 upload download attachment (100.18, KB) 2012-11-28 08:33 upload download attachment (146.07, KB) 2012-11-28 08:34 upload download attachment (135.94, KB) 2012-11-28 08:34 upload download attachment (131.44, KB) Nike Air Max 1 successfully became the focus of the footwear fans in 2008 through the use of a variety of special materials and joint cooperation with the tide unit. In 2009, Air Max 1 will continue to issue a topic of constant new work. in the classic color Air Max 1, in addition to the original color by 1987 was the most representative, the body of the shoe used at the end of last year to shine the epoch-making Flywire technology makes this new addition to effectively reduce the shoe body weight, but also provides a functional professional. Since there is no definite date for the sale, interested friends must expect more relevant reports in the future. download (66.97 KB) 〈br 2009-1-13="" nike="" -="" flywire="" air="" max="" 1〈br="" 08:53 download (66.16 KB) 〈br 2009-1-13="" nike="" -="" flywire="" air="" max="" 1〈br="" 08:53